Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the project and how to buy your NFT if you are new to Web3 & NFTs
1When will Mint/Sale of NFTs be?
Q4 2022/Q1 2023, exact date will be announced follow us on Twitter or join Discord to not miss it out.
2What will mint price be?
The project is on Ethereum blockchain and mint price will be announced along with mint date.
3How many NFTs will there be in collection?
There will be 10.000 NFTs.
4When will reveal of NFTs be?
Art is finished so the reveal will be 24h after the mint is over.
5When will I be able to see my NFTs?
Your NFTs will be visible under your profile on Opensea and other ETH NFT marketplaces after you make the purchase.
6This will be my first NFT project, how to mint/buy it?
For start you will need a wallet with enough funds on it in Ethereum(ETH). On realese date we will announce there will be mint link in our website menu. After clicking on it, it will ask you to connect you Metamask wallet, after you do that you will see the suggested transaction with NFT price you need to pay along with gas fee(transaction fee) necessary to mint your NFT and transfer it to your ownership into your wallet. One of the good videos tutorials how to do it can be seen below. Be sure to double check you are on our website or just click on mint link in our Discord under official links channel which will be posted on date/time of mint(TBA).